Monday, January 10, 2022

Disappearing 9-Patch, (I Spy) Kids Quilt

 So far, so good.

Closer view - my arrangement left all the blocks right side up.  

I have a LOT more 4.5 in. squares, sent from friends and bloggers.  Everyone wanted to help out!  This quilt is going to an RN who headed up the Cardio P.T. that I attended for almost 3 months.  She had a new baby about the time of my medical "incident" so I wasn't able to make it then.

It's very jumbled, but I am trying new things -- I like it.  I had seen a friend's Disappearing 9-Patch that was over-the-top beautiful, made with black on black background batiks, with each square in a bright, almost solid batiks - it was stunning.  So, that batik idea is for another day.  Best part of this quilt is few seams to match, and enjoying the variety of cute squares that came from numerous local and national friends.  8-)))   Thank you to all.  A second quilt is in the making for the squares that came later.    This one is about 56 inches square. 


Chantal said...

Congratulations! Great job on the first one. So many lovely things to spy. Fun! ;^)

Elaine Adair said...

OMGOsh today mailbox had MORE little cute squares! Life is good, isn't it?

Jenny said...

Such a fun quilt. I presume you stitch the novelty fabric squares in the four corners of the block then slice it? I've got lots of kiddies prints too.

Janet O. said...

Oh, mine aren't mailed yet, Elaine! My daughter and kids came down with COVID, and I have been cooking dinners and shopping for them, while heavily involved in a church responsibility. I hope you will still be able to use my blocks--they won't get sent until I am in town on Thursday.
This quilt looks wonderful. "I Spy"s are such fun!