Monday, January 16, 2023

Latest kid QAYG.  Batting squares aland backings were already cut and counted, kid-like prints were all in one place.  Life is good.   It went together in about one month.  

A little closer.  I made 4 blocks at a time, wanting each group of 4 to look similar to each other.  There was NO effort to "matching" seams perfectly.   This quilt was so much fun to make ... fun for ME!  Each unit of 4 features at least one a cute kid print.   Perfect for games with cousins, siblings, parents, grannies, etc.   And some of the fabrics are from BLOGGERS!  

The back, with 1-inch folded strips - thank you to the bias/tape maker.  

Below ... Best thing since sliced bread.  This gadget is often called a bias tape maker but I used regular SOGrain strips.  There are 5 sizes in this purchase which was very affordable - I remember $8.00 for all.  I LOVE a good tool.  You simply slide the strip into the gadget, pull thru with a pin,  and it comes out folded and you place your iron onto the newly folded strip. Each strip is DONE in a matter of seconds.  I'm trying to invent new ways to use it!  It was close to perfect each time, and even with a seam in the strip, the gadget only complained a bit and was simple to tidy up the seam area, and NO BURNED fingers.  Then I sewed the strips down over the quilt's exposed seams, leaving neat, visible quilting strips on the front. Very quick, neat and tidy.   

I've made a LOT of kid's QAYG quilts, LOVE the process, and am slowly learning which method is better for which reason. A person has to try many and decide for self.   With this project.  I used the same size of batting as  the block and backing, which meant a lot of bulk in those corners on the back.  Next time I will cut the batting smaller which will result in less bulk.  I'm going to wash the quilt today to soften up that bulky joint.  

Happy quilting everyone!


  1. Good for you, another finish. Someone will love to snuggle under it. Thanks for sharing the info on your favorite tool!

  2. What a pretty quilt! I agree, bias tape makers are a notion worth owning.

  3. That is a great finish, Elaine! I have one of those tools, and was aware that it came in more than one size, but had never seen them in a kit like that, Very handy!

  4. Congrats on this lovely finish. The back is also very interesting. I agree with you; bias tape maker is the best invention after sliced bread. Enjoy! ;^)

  5. I've got a couple of those bias making tools too in various sizes. I've used it in making stained glass quilts and celtic spiral quilts too. It really is a great invention!


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