Saturday, March 11, 2023

New Challenges


Wow - trying to find where my photos got downloaded is a new trial! 

 G'daughter asked me to make her a Hawaiian quilt - a new kind of quilt project, so I found this book of patterns, altho these are not the colors she is wanting, it's a beginning.  She lives 6 hours from me, so that's another challenge and she is not familiar with sewing.   I'm going to start in June when we have a Guild class for this project, and then I'll make simply one block for a pillow. and see how it goes.  The plan calls for needleturn applique but that might tire quickly and I may fall back to fusible applique. 
Winter was just plain demanding this year -  SHOVELING was repeated too many times and sometimes it was called XXXX SHOVELING!   I finished this "I Spy" quilt - it looks a lot like previous ones.  This is for a great grandchild, now over 2 years old.  Oh dear.  

You may remember a quarter log cabin quilt I finished about a year ago, that had strips in it that I learned after it was finished, that they would bleed.  Fear kept me from washing it but finally, last weekend I put my big girl panties on and washed it in the washer, gentle, with mild homemade soap, plus a quarter cup of Dawn and 2 color catchers and happily, the quilt washed beautifully, with NO bleeding to be seen.  The Color Catchers were only mildly soft pink.  (I'm at a loss to find the photos now somewhere on this computer. )

All is well with me - just taking care of  everything takes more time and energy than I expected.  Plus, I was gifted membership in a multitude of  wonderful TV and Internet Channels which have been a terrible temptation!   Every quilt video ever made is available!   Plus other subjects I never dreamed wouild be so interesting when you see it on the big screen TV.   I am weak and sitting too much but can't seem to turn it off!!!  

Two quilting friends and I are preparing quilt instruction classes for Adult Ed.  This should redirect me and may help more folks learn some quilting techniques.  

My sewing machine goes to the repair shop Monday - Machine quilting that is just not "doing".  It worked fine on the "I Spy Quilt" that finished 2 days earlier, but today on a Pineapple Quilt, no cooperation at all.  Go figure!  8-(


  1. Hello Elaine, happy to hear from you again. Hawaiian quilt looks like a challenge or a few challenges. I haven't tried that yet even though I find them lovely. The great grandson is still young enough to enjoy an I Spy Quilt. You did a great job on this one too. Sewing machines can be fussy at times. Take care. ;^)

  2. You are describing some of life here too... everything takes longer and I'd rather do most anything that does not require thinking or muscles. I just want to send you a hug. You will make a lovely Hawaiian quilt!

  3. I've made Hawaiian quilts before and actually love the needle turn because you don't have to fiddle around with piece ends. Just keep going around and around and around!

  4. Happy May, Elaine! How's the Hawaiian quilting going?
    I've always admired anyone who can do that type of piecing/appliqueing. I need to put down my needle and get outside to pull weeds before they take over my flower beds. ugh


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