Friday, November 03, 2006

What the ...? Chapter 2

Thank you for all the assistance. Seems everyone out there sees everything on my BLOG. Amazingly, at my home office , I also see everything, in Netscape, in IE, and in Firefox. When I checked this morning at my work office, I didn't see portions of my profile, links, Archives, etc. This sounds like ... versions ??? of browsers? OK, I really don't know what's happening, but for the now, I'm happy and I'll stop whining.

It's the weekend, and I'm going back to my studio, where I'm in charge and I know what's going on.


Linda C said...

can't help you out much with the snafus, Elaine but you are right about being able to control what happens in the studio--the computer, who knows?

Jenni said...

Today I see it all, but the sidebar starts below the posts. Weird.

Joyce said...

Everything looks normal to me. We drove through a bit of Nebraska on our trip, stopping at Lincoln to shop before turning North. Very nice area. It reminds me of here but it was very windy that day which made driving a bit difficult. I'd like to explore it a bit more some time.