Friday, April 13, 2007

Sydney's (and Cat) 9-Patch Puzzle

Some of you have asked for instructions for how to piece this peculiar-looking 9-Patch. I promise to post them next, but in the meantime, here is a quilt my friend Sydney made using some of those blocks, and of course, where there is a quilt, there is usually a cat - hers.

Note that some of the blocks are looking ever MORE 'different.' When I gave the class to the quilt guild, I also demonstrated blocks that ended up different than what I had planned -- ostensibly an error, although, in reality it was just another option. Sydney included some of both types of blocks, all of them starting with a 9-patch with corners added, then recutting. Her 'error' blocks appear to have rails --I wish I had thought of using the 'error' in my sample. I think it's just wonderful!


Anonymous said...

Cool quilt! Gotta take some time to figure this out!

Joyce said...

That is a complex looking quilt. Very nice!

Helen said...

I like it!