Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bad Boy Blogger

Bad Boy Blogger!

Thank you for comments that assured me my Blogger Counter misbehavior was not my own imagination. Apparently, there has been "a move." It seems to be working now, but who knows if it is accurate? I know that the counter increases by about 1000/week, but it should NEVER decrease.

Just a question here ... when something gets messed up, do you all FIRST think, "Oh, it must be my fault!" Do all women think this way?

Quilt Guild this weekend - we resume our monthly meetings after the summer. I am teaching a workshop on - can you guess? - these Kaleidoscope quilts I've been making! I'll post the blocks these gals design.


CJ said...

LOL, no I usually like to think it is someone else's fault! :o
I can't wait to see pictures from your quilt meeting.

*karendianne. said...

Great class to teach Elaine.

Yes, I almost always think it's me. Unless it the computer. Then I'm just plain evilmad and every is to blame!!!

Jocelyn said...

Elaine, has your counter been moving? After I reset mine, I noticed that the number did not change. I had to remove the counter all together and reinstall it in my gadgets. It seems to be working now.

The Calico Quilter said...

As to your question - oh, yes. I explain it by being a girl child of the 50's. I learned my lessons well. It's the woman's job to keep everything running smoothly for everybody else, and if it isn't it must be her fault. But I have to admit, while I'm making sure everyone else is happy, I secretly whine "When do I get to be the diva?" LOL I guess when I stamp my foot and demand that it's my turn! Yeah, THAT'S gonna happen.

julieQ said...

My blog has mysterious been set at "no reply"...sigh...why? Bad Boy Blogger!

aubirdwoman said...

they all want control..... blogger Yahoo Internet Big Brother.

but I mean how could it be us roflo