Friday, November 26, 2010

WIP, Christmas Tree Skirt

Whew - gotta remember my geometry! I didn't use a pattern., and there's still a lot of work, but you can see where I'm going. The HSTs go all around the perimeter. Those inside corners should meet at 45 degrees, and therefore NOT be an issue but ... wish me luck! The center hole will be faced, then I'll use normal binding around the edges.

There were bias issues on the side log cabin triangle blocks, so I had to make additional minor adjustments to the seams.

I'll bet all you quilters are just like me -- when you give a quilt you feel compelled to explain all the ins and outs and techniques used, to a non-quilter who, most likely, has no idea what you are talking about! LOL

Enjoy your weekend -- and Happy Quilting!


Angie said...

Oh Elaine, that is going to be a gorgeous tree skirt!!

Gari in AL said...

I get excited about a project and then just have to share with my husband only to see his eyes glaze over as he attempts to feign interest. I do so understand.

Becky said...


This is a gorgeous tree skirt and I love all of your step by step instructions and pics!! So glad I discovered your blog!!