Sunday, November 28, 2010

Itsy bitsy bit of thread

This morning I was awake early, full of enthusiasm, wanting to get to quilting the Christmas Tree Skirt, but my normally dependable machine would NOT cooperate. Thread nests, pokeys, snarls, threads not laying flat on top. And I had put in very good, expensive thread, both top and bottom. Changed threads, re-threaded, changed feet, and nada, nada -- even tried a second new needle. Then I got out a flashlight and looked as well as possible into the tension area. I could not discover any method to remove the cover OFF to look closer, but I DID see just a bit of extra threads in there. Sure enough, with my tiny tweezers, I pulled it out -- a small fuzzy, knotty wad of thread. Voila - problem resolved.

I always have the feeling there is still a small bit of invisible thread in there. Anyone know how to remove the cover from the tension disks, on a Janome MC6500?


~Joan said...

I have the exact same machine as you. I broke a needle a while back and can hear it rattling around inside the base. Which screws do you loosen to remove the bottom? The one in the very center of the bottom does not seem to do it.

Glad your problem was resolved.


Gypsy Quilter said...

No, but could it possibly be in the manual?

Helen in the UK said...

DH took the tension disk apart on my machine about a year ago. I've just checked with him and he thinks the purple piece with numbers on just pulled off (with a bit of effort). I seem to remember the tricky bit was getting it back on so the numbers make sense for the tension.
HTH :)

Toni said...

I look for screws to remove then see what shouldn't effect the machine :) as long as you put them back the way they came out.

You are soo much more dedicated at finishing yours than I am...I'm slacking! :)

Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

That is the one thing that worries me about my 6600. I'm glad they went back to the openable panel on the 7700.

Awesome tree skirt, great job!