Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Keeping track for 2010

2010 Yards of Fabric in 107.00
2010 Yards of Fabric used -129.00
2010 $ spent for sewing supplies $1,415.82

2009 Yards of Fabric in 118.25
2009 Yards of Fabric used (107.70)
2009 $ spent for sewing supplies $1,680.63

I appears my spending and sewing activities are running along at the same rate as last year. The costs include Retreats, books, Quilt Activities, in addition to the 'regular' costs of fabric, threads. I don't count gasoline. But this is close and I'm trying to reduce it from last year, and use what I have. OK, I'm weak!

This weekend is a 3-day retreat at a lovely YMCA Lodge location, not far from my home. Originally I thought 3 days would wipe me out toooo much, but then realized that with 3 days, I'd actually have time to rest a bit. Ya think?

This time, I'm taking photos! See y'all in a week or so.


CJ said...

You are a brave brave woman. No way, no how am I going to figure out my cost. It would scare me. I don't like to be scared.

Lynn said...

A quilt retreat sounds lovely. Have never been to one but maybe someday. I don't want to even figure out my cost, especially when you include class fees, conventions, etc. I do all right with the fabric buying, meaning I don't buy much but the notions are my downfall.

julieQ said...

Have a great time!! I think it is wonderful that you keep track of your expenditures...so much that I started a little spread sheet for me, so that next year, I can see just what mischief I have been up to! Hey, I really like your split nine patch in that setting!

Lurline said...

Lucky I've never been good at maths - so I don't have to keep an account! Have fun at your retreat!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Jo Vandermey said...

Way to scary to keep a count of what I spend. Even my husband the accountant wisely doesn't keep track. You are a brave women!

Julie in the Barn said...

I didn't keep track this year. I spent about the same as you last year. It wasn't as scary as I had feared. t didn't spend as much this year because I started working at a fabric shop and get "paid" with fabric. Woo hoo!

I love retreats. It is always so much fun to spend time with other quilters and immerse oneself in doing what we love. Have a great time!

Ruth said...

I have never kept track of what I spend. I don't think I would want DH to know - maybe I could keep the list in a secret place! Have fun at the retreat! BTW, I bought Free Motion Quilting made Easy by Eva Larkin - at JoAnn's with a 50% off coupon!!! I'll keep looking for good deals on the other books too.