Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New and Improved

Warning - NQR -- ranting!!!

I used to think I had some "smarts", using computer office applications. I have recently 'upgraded' to Windows 7, and installed Office 2010 on a new office computer. Well, I didn't actually install it, because that was too complicated, too frustrating, too unmanageable, too non-understandable. And as usual, I'm thinking, "It's my fault", "I'm too decrepit to learn", "maybe I have Alzeimers", "it's time I really retire"! We've all been there, so my words are the same as you all have said, each time you get computer equipment that is "new and improved." Let me tell you, this it taking all my energy, sleepless nights, nightmares, to learn even the basics, all over again.

My instruction book is 1297 pages, much too heavy to read in bed, for gosh sakes! Where do I even start? Because it's "Not like it used to be", maybe I should start on Page 1?

Then, just when I thought I was gaining some proficiency back for my day's work, something wierd started happening. I wasted 6 work days trying the usual System Restore, Repair, Uninstall, reinstall, uninstall weather program, additional virus scans, etc., etc., etc. All to no avail. I called in our "computer" geek-member helpers and it took THEM several days, frustrations, hair-pulling, downloading a new program from Microsoft, going through the uninstalling, reinstalling, activating, re-activating, product keys, licensing, and again, same problems. Finally, after much trepidation, an important file was deleted on the REGISTRY -- always a NO-NO! but voila!!! I'm up and running, again.

Some kind soul had donated the computer and programs, so I am so very grateful for their gift -- just NOT grateful to Microsoft. But am extremely grateful for our diligent computer helpers!

Maybe I can get back to quilting now.

... I feel a little better!


Toni said...

Not a fun day at work for sure---at least for now, it's fixed :)

Lynn said...

I hate it when the computer is not behaving. Wish I had a live in computer geek but have to depend on the Geek Squad an hour and a half from home so try to solve the problem. Sometimes I get lucky and sometimes not.

Joyce said...

My question has always been, If it ain't broke, why fix it???
I'm so lucky that my sons are computer guys and will work for food. Lol.

Bonnie said...

rants are so helpful, aren't they. And, nothing like a computer to go haywire to spark a rant. Hope it helped. And, hope you can get back to sewing/quilting soon. B.

julieQ said...

OH, sorry for that...we have recently gone through a computer change at work too...yuck!! big hugs, Elaine!

Lori said...

I've resisted upgrading to W7. For those reasons!