Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Road to a Friend's House is Never Long

Is 90 miles one way too long? My friend Chell moved from my area, but found a location more suitable for them and their horses, and country/western life. We decided we'd try a "Sew Day" every few months, between meeting at Quilt Guild.

This is my amazing, spacious view on my drive. I started my life living in Chicago -- what a change in scenery, but I DO love it.

Finding my way took written directions and a hand-drawn map, and also discovering that the phrase "Oil Road" was a good description for the locals, but I missed it. Chell had warned me that if I hit the Wyoming line, I'd gone too far. Oops, there's the Wyoming State line! OK, turn around, and with one telephone call I recovered and found my way.

Chell was working on a strippy Kaleidoscope Quilt, and I was working on a Sizzlin' Strips. Surprisingly, we each managed a lot of progress, as well as good conversation, a delicious lunch, and warm friendship. I LOVED watching the horses outside our window, gamboling about, maybe thinking of spring!

I had my strips cut ahead of time for another Sizzlin' Strips. My colors are very bright and vibrant, although some appear kinda wishy-washy, maybe they look that way against the carpet. One thing about making Sizzlin' Strips is that one never knows how to arrange them - there are a million possibilities! For now, this is a first random layout.

I LOVED having someone else fix lunch, an incredible chicken tortilla soup, and dessert (foggy photo) of an apple spice dump cake -- we DID consume a good portion of it. I could have had yet another piece, but then would have needed a nap instead of sewing. LOL Can't WAIT for our next "Sew Day."

My drive home was mostly in the dark and wow, did I ever learn the importance of a thorough headlight cleaning! I could barely see and had to follow the headlights of the vehicle ahead.


Nancy said...

The "Drive-n, Sew-in" sounds like a lot of fun. I'm glad the weather cooperated.

I've learned to clean my headlights every time I get gas. I do it year round.

Will you be hosting next time?

Cheri said...

What a fun way to stay in touch. I hope you do it for a long time. Your quilt looks a blazing building...beautiful colors.

Joyce said...

I'm sure it was worth it even just for the food! You have a lot less snow than we do. And that's a good thing for driving.

Toni said...

What a great way to spend a day with a friend! I so see the value in doing these trips-priceless!! The dump cake sounds good...did you get the recipe? :)

The quilt looks fun too!

Ruth said...

What a fun day! No, 90 miles isn't too far at all! I'm sure the fellowship and good food were worth it.

Lurline said...

Oh, it is a long way, Elaine - glad you enjoyed and I bet you were lazy the next day!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Lynn said...

Those sewing days sound like a lot of fun. Next time you will know where you are going and the trip won't seem so long. I love those long distant vistas in Western Nebraska. There is something so peaceful about driving out there for me.

Purple Pam said...

Your Sizzlin' blocks look bright and cheery. I love Margaret Miller's designs. That cake looks pretty good, too.

AnnieO said...

That is quite a journey--but you are right on with your post title! Glad it was all fun with the sewing and only partly bad on the driving portion of your day!

Bonnie said...

No, 90 miles isn't that bad. I drive 2 3/4 hours for sewing dates with a friend. Except, we spend the night and make weekends of it.

Your Sizzlin' Strips are fantastic. Hum, something else to think about doing. Sigh.