Sunday, November 06, 2011

Color Pallettes

On a quilt-related e-mail list, the conversation was about determining a color pallette for a new quilt.  Some of the gals were having problems thinking of combinations. 

I did a search on "Color Pallettes" and came up with a number of sites that start with a photo either of your own or from the Internet, and then the program pulls a bunch of colors from that photo.  My own computer has a "snipping tool" so I can outline anything on the screen and save it as a .jpg.  I'm sure there are other ways, but some images will not let you "save".   The site I tried out was - there were many other sites, but I didn't take time to compare -- This first one was exactly what I wanted.  When you get to that page, search for something like "color pallette" or similar. 

Below is a favorite photo (yes, my banner) and the colors pulled from the photo.  What a great quilt this would make!  I could print out the photo on those fabric sheets, maybe tile it, then outline the center with blocks using the suggested colors.  Yes, just like that lady who does the greeting cards with the picture and the quilt blocks that match!  Too bad she already thought of it a long time ago!  8-))   (Oh brain, ya gotta turn off and finish what you have started!!!)

Hmmmmm wonder how long it will take me to come up with another quilt???   I just am enjoying LOOKING at this pallette!


  1. oh I think I break all the rules... I just lay fabrics together and if they look good then hey thats it.
    I often look through the camera (sometimes taking a photo) and I do have one of those peepholes. These two are great for seeing if a fabric doesn't fit, it just seems to jump out at you and say..not me not me.
    I do think sometimes we need a 'dog' or one that doesn't seem to fit, sometimes as this gives the quilt a zing.
    You are much too organised a mind for me lol.
    my word verification is pooft.

  2. Now I think that is so neat. There is a lot one can do with that tool. I'm going to have to check it out. Thank you

  3. Elaine, I love this idea. That color palette from your photo is wonderful. Sometimes the colors in a particular scene or photo just grab you and this would be a great way to translate it to a quilt. Thanks for the link. I am going to bookmark it.

  4. That is a pretty photo. There's a quilt in the book "City Quilts" using those colors. It's one of my favorites. Click on over to Cherry House Quilts blog, scroll back a ways and you'll see it. Lovely.

  5. I sometimes toss my fabrics in a pile and remove the "not me" ones too. However, I discovered that I can create a palette in CorelDraw from favorite photos, even from paintings that can be imported in as a jpg from an online source. (Copying color schemes is not an infringement of copyright.)This is similar to what you have done and what I used for my "Unfettered" quilt. The idea came from Elizabeth Barton, whose color schemes just sparkle!
    Can't wait to see what you do with these blues!

  6. How interesting. I must try this with a piece of fabric when I don't know what to use. Thanks


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