Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pass Alongs, Verify

Warning - RANT!

Reminder to all of us -- Please use disgression, common sense and wisdom before passing along incredible tales, or maybe not-so-incredible tales, photos, videos, etc.  These pass-alongs get bounced back and forth like wildfire before most people check them out.  I usually go to http://www.snopes.com/ and find good answers.  Snopes.com has the reputation for looking closely into the subject matter and digging deep to find the truth.  Hitting that SEND button without even THINKING or verifying, is unwise and at times, cruel and slanderous.

Yes, I've been guilty myself !

And no, I'm not ranting about bloggers - it's personal e-mail that gets clogged up with "ya gotta read this" or "can you believe those numbskulls did that?", etc.


  1. I agree. btw the NTQP quilt is not discarded only put on hold. All the srips are still lined up on the cutting table. Just have to get some Christmas presents finished. Hope its not snowing.

  2. I quite agree. I don't forward anything like and will send the Snopes link back to the sender if it's really ridiculous...

  3. And then they get mad when you point out that what they are spewing is not factual. I usually just delete.

  4. I have Snopes.com in my favorites because I used to check out the crazy Forwards. Anymore, I delete the emails without even checking them.

  5. AMEN! I often also send the sender an address like Snopes...

  6. Just like junk mail in the snail mail.
    My hubby opens that mail, shreads the insides and then mails all that shredding back to them in the postage paid envelope they so kindly provide.
    Did you get my private e-mail about my DH?
    XOXOXO Subee

  7. Thank you! This was a timely post as there was a report on this exact topic this morning on National Public Radio. I also agree that when I send back the snopes link revealing the false nature of the email, I am seldom greeted with appreciation. The exception to this was my brother in law who now fact-checks. He hates it when one slips through now. (I actually hates for me to be right and catch him being lazy!)


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