Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Guild Retreat - 2011

Over the weekend I spent 3 days with 23 other quilters at our not-so-local-to-me- YMCA.  The Y is on a lovely location along the Platte River (which is no longer flooded) with beautiful scenery, occasional wildlife (turkeys), a wonderful space, with excellent facilities. 

I was productive, and egad, didn't take enough photos.  My goal on that retreat was to make 50 Rebuilt Log Cabin blocks (successful) but I wore myself out with exuberance and excitement and had to take TWO naps when I returned Sunday afternoon!

Sharon is always productive and in no time, she had this beauty DONE! 
Jennifer finished up this stunning project - she said it was from one of Miss Rosie's books.  It was even better in person.  She was a sewing "machine" - she worked with speed, concentration and precision! 
Here's a photo of ... my mom??  - oh NO, that's ME!!!  I managed to reach my own goal of 50 blocks that will eventually end up on a Tutorial on this blog.  Watch for it, with lots of photos THERE, if you are interested in making a Rebuilt Log Cabin quilt.   The block is on the table. 
Here is one version of a luscious Rebuilt Log Cabin quilt, made by Ramona.  She used only 2 values, plus the center square and I believe she has 4 rounds on her Rebuilt Log Cabin.  We noticed the design looked like rosettes when we looked through a "peephole" thingy, and interesting zig-zaggy corners where the blocks met.  It reminds me of chocolate mint ice cream.   

My friend Chell, also has a stunning Rebuilt Log Cabin in process, then decided to enlarge it to Queen size.  She'll show it off (hopefully) on her blog.  

Our messy space for 3 quilters.  This is Tina's back! 
Tina also worked like crazy all weekend and went home with several completed projects.


  1. Aren't retreats so fun and productive?!

  2. I am so glad you had fun!!! Love your rebuilt log cabin...another one for the bucket list!

  3. It is always more fun to work with those who share a passion. Your quilt is wonderful. I love the house blocks.

  4. Good stuff! I'll be watching for the tutorial :)

  5. what a lovely weekend and what fabulous quilts. Clever ladies you hang out with ... ummm must move to the panhandle lol.
    Busy sorting and cutting, can't wait for the tutorial.

  6. well done, and thank you very much for all you kindness and hardwork on the tutorial. Off to start.

  7. Looks like a very fun place for a retreat. Love the twister quilt and the courthouse steps is a beauty!
    I've never seen the log cabin rebuilt this way. Who thinks of these things?
    Love your comment about the photo of "your Mom". I'm feeling that way lately--turn 54 this month. Yikes, when did that happen?

  8. Elaine -- wonderful retreat space and looks like a lot of folks got a lot done. You included.

    THANKS so much for the tutorial. I want to try it NOW but I have a few things to finish before I can start a new project. Would this work with black and white fabrics with a bright color for the center? I have a roll of b&w's that are 5" wide and I'm thinking I could cut off 2 1.5" strips off of each of the fabs. May need to do various whites as the light... need to think on this a bit. Thanks for posting the tutorial. B.

  9. Another delightful post... and again, you always make me feel like getting to work! Thank you.

  10. Sounds like it was a great time.

  11. Hallo Elaine, das desingn ist wundervoll,die Log Cabin Blöcke nur anders angeordnet schon hast Du ein ganz anderes neues Design erstellt, einfach Klasse.

    Liebe Grüße

  12. Looking forward to the tutorial!

  13. YES please - a tutorial - I'ld love to give it a try
    greetings from Germany

  14. You certainly can be forgiven for not taking a lot of pictures -- you're at the retreat to sew!!

    I'm still lucky enough to have the instructions you did on the blocks the last time you made them and I'm saving my scraps because this one is definitely on the bucket list.


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