Thursday, June 18, 2020

Renovations, and Crumby Blocks

I am moving forward with much-needed small bathroom renovations.  Best part is new shower, this time with beautiful Onyx walls and same material for counter top.    The shower is in a corner, not huge, but serviceable.  Yeahhhh, no longer looking like a cave.  I'm just featuring "the mess".  If you've done construction or remodeling, you know. 

I ignored the necessary mess and changed direction, and tried making crumb blocks, taking throwaways from my trash basket.  Yes, it IS great fun!  I kept it geometric and stayed with the pink purples, turquoise, light greens, and then I added the black with polka dots to spark it up a bit.  Didn't quite know what to do with the blocks when I was finished, but made 3 or 4 blocks, each about 9 x 12 in., then decided to make some letters and fuse them onto a WELCOME banner.  So far, so good!  That FUSING always ends up conFUSING me, as well as occasionally reversing letters, but it ended up OK.  
 Some letters looked a little pale so I did some blanket stitching around them in black.  I've had this machine for over 15 years and never used that feature!  LOL  Looks OK to me. 
 I think I'll chop up the leftover crumb blocks and make a border around each side of the banner.  That leafy pink blue strip will likely have to "go".  This is all experimental, but I'm having fun.  The letters are about 4 inches tall. 


  1. Both projects are heading in the right direction. Don't give up. You're almost there. Enjoy the banner. I like it so far. ;^)

  2. Oh, I can see why you are having fun! Thanks for sharing it. I just may copy you!

  3. Home renovations are a pain to get through, but the results are exciting. WooHoo for a new shower!
    Well, I'd say the results of your playing in the crumbs looks more like you were following a recipe. That is a very nice looking welcome banner.

  4. What a wonderful project! I wish I'd thought of using crumbs that way instead of just trying to make a whole quilt of crumb blocks! You probably have inspired a lot of bloggers and we will soon have WELCOME signs of our own!


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