Monday, July 27, 2020


In preparation for calling the IRS today, probably having to wait for long times, about my delayed Tax refund, I had handwork ready, some reading,  and plans to clean out one kitchen drawer.  I dreaded it but ... a person has to persevere!  I thought I'd contact the site, one more time, to be sure I had the latest info and  A CHANGE HAS BEEN MADE!!!!  After almost 6 mos. of "being reviewed" it said "REFUND APPROVED" - I don't know what happened but I'm a happy camper and it "will be deposited "in the next day or so, electronically. 

I stopped at the friendly H & R Block to let them know, and he said this is a similar story from many of their clients.   Do I dare start a similar gripe about waiting for a stimulus check ?

Back to my quilting - photo due soon.  Thanks very much for all good suggestions. 


  1. The system ate my first comment, which in reality boiled down to: "YAY!"

  2. This is wonderful. I wonder if they were waiting for some followup info from H&R. My brother's return was delayed too, and he had to resend it.

  3. Mine finally came in a couple weeks ago. I think the IRS workers were not working for a couple months because of covid 19.


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