Monday, March 15, 2021

A Crumby Tote Bag

Having fun - an easy project.  It has a hard bottom insert, and is lined, all crumbs as you see.  This was a Craftsy Class that I've been admiring, called a Grocery Tote Bag, by Christina Camelli.  I must admit, that over the many years of making quilts on my own designs, I 've almost forgotten how to READ instructions, so used this as my "practice" project.   It's about 17" x 20".

Sometimes a person gets so engrossed in piecing, one forgets to put the important block in the center!  LOL

Like many of you who live in the central USA, our area was buried with the latest blizzard of storm Xylia.  I am still shoveling, and also being grateful for neighbor teenager who refused payment for snowblowing.  It's been a nice couple of days to stay inside and be glad I had a "stash". 


  1. I was thinking about you today as I heard about the blizzard -- and your post came up in my Bloglovin' feed. Your tote bag turned out so well! I agree with you about directions. I'm experienced enough that I can analyze how a block is constructed and take it from there. At least I try to--very often the designer has a few tips and tricks to offer and I learn about those halfway in. :)

  2. You excel at whatever you turn your hand to, and your tote is no exception. With or without a pattern to follow, it’s still your unique creation. I like this a lot, and I love your welcome banner. It’s on my want to list, and I will give a try at a facsimile in time. I have a few other projects, but you know how it is, while it waits it’s turn, it’s running through the back of your mind. Now, if I only had a genie to come behind me and clean up my, I’ve been quilting mess. Did you give dimensions on your welcome banner,I’ve been wondering how large it is.

  3. Lovely tote! Now to find someplace to take it to!


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