Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Fess up time, and trying to upgrade a room

Despite my recent posts on leaks, ceilings, roofs, squirrels, storm warnings, I really AM sewing! Tonight I'm working on the backing of Bricks and Steppingstones and was planning on basting it in the garage. However, our weather alert system has gone off again, with tornado warnings, strong storms, hail, etc, so I'm in the basement/downstairs trying to use my time wisely. Ugh - I had energy to DO that basting job -- ya can't just do it in a few minutes, and I didn't want my car outside with hail heading this way.

When quilters discuss, "What is the best way to store your fabric?", my response to myself is, "Best way is NOT to store it -- best way is to USE it!"

OK, so here is my rough estimate/best calculation of Fabric IN, OUT, and dollars spent. I am spending slower than last year. You might consider tracking your costs - it helped me zero in on using my stash. I KNOW there will always be MORE fabric, MORE sales, MORE donations, etc.

2010 Fabric in (yards) 73.50
2010 Fabric used (yards) -63.50
2010 $ spent for sewing supplies $882.00

Tonight I painted a downstairs room - the plan is to have a construction guy install/update it with a new ceiling, demolition of an ugly closet, and adding additional electrical outlets BEFORE paint, so I've done the painting anyway, and will probably have to paint more later. I'll put in something decent on the floor, and bring back the furniture, one of these days!


Gypsy Quilter said...

Sure hope the bad weather passes by quickly. I'll be happy to send Dolly out to help demolish the closet. Just tie a rope around the 2 x 4 and let her pull it. It will be apart in no time!

julieQ said...

Oh, scary down in the basement...glad you had a quilt to occupy you!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Exciting times out there in Western NE.

Waiting on "guys" can be tiresome. I'm waiting for a "guy" to replace a rotted out window in the library. I was instructed to move some shelving loaded with boxes out of the way so he could come back & measure. As far as I know he hasn't been back, but the boxes are piled up in the main part of the library. Not the most welcoming thing for people to see when the walk in the door.

Lynn said...

Home ownership means something always needs to be done. Glad you can get some sewing done between it all though.

Gari in AL said...

Sorry you couldn't get your quilt basted when you wanted. I do know about waiting for "the guy." Since April I waited for a guy (DH) to help me fix the pool. In late May I started waiting for another guy (DSIL) to help me fix it. In late June I started to fix it myself and did about half before I hurt myself and had to start. Now a guy (DH) is feeling bad and is trying to do what I coulodn't. I HATE waiting on "a guy."

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Ha, I would put the car in the garage too with the possibility of hail! Waiting for help to get a project done is so frustrating, I know exactly what you are talking about! Good luck with all of that! Cheers! Evelyn