Sunday, July 04, 2010


Those little bugger squirrels can drive ya nuts!!!
It worked for several months anyway.

Just LOOK at that! All the little green spat-out crumbles are on the hump of ground under the feeder - the hump made up of pounds of discarded seeds, looking very unkempt.

Pa Kettle to the rescue, using the finest of materials (lol). We had an unused vinyl newel post (hopefully slippery) in the garage. He drilled a hole in the pointy end so we could slip the top of the feeder post down, and match up with the piece in the ground. First effort to leave the pointy end up did not work -- couldn't see. Next, we turned in upside down, oh right - pointy end down - SMART, right?? -- and threaded it on the metal post that was already in the ground, then put the vinyl post over the metal post, then carefully slipped the upright metal post on that peg. Not easy, especially as we are laughing all the while, hoping no neighbor sees us struggle!

OK, now the vinyl post tilts. OK, wedge a short 2 x 4 between the metal post and the vinyl post to wedge it straight -- oops, it slipped down into the botton. (I had already given my dutiful wifely advice "don't let it drop"!) This is one of these projects that the more stupid and ugly it becomes, the more stupid and ugly it gets. I think this kind of thing happens when a man retires!
It will be interesting to see what the next plan of attack is by Mr. Squirrel.


Jocelyn said...

If that doesn't work, grease up the post with Crisco, and watch what happens when the squirrels try to climb it ;-)

SubeeSews said...

I gave up with the squirrels. The only feeder that they cannot get into is an ugly metal monster with a weight sensitive arm. The chipmuks can harvest seeds but not my squirrels.
Elaine, they are so tame they hang on my screen door and peek in nose to nose with one of the cats. Or knock on the front window, well more like throw their entire body at it. If I do not give them peanuts I am afraid they will eat the house!
Some will take from our hands. And I had the Momma squirrel (she is so tame-3 years old now) climb up my pajama bottoms. She scared me and I am sure my scream scared her!

Gypsy Quilter said...

Ask Mr. Retired if he needs to grease the vinyl post? Not sure what kind is squirrel proof though. LOL

Anonymous said...

My sister and I were told to stir red pepper powder or flakes in with the birdseed. We discovered it was good to wear goggles and gloves during this procedure. The birds can't taste the pepper but the squirrels react much as we would. This can be very amusing if you're watching it happen.

AnnieO said...

Wow, that is a major wedge chewed out of the plastic! A very persistent critter indeed. Hope your Pa Kettle invention (I had to laugh) works out. But maybe Mr. Squirrel will just chew ladder rungs into it, LOL!