Friday, December 31, 2010

Blizzard - I shoulda stayed home!

We had plenty warning - our NOAA weather alert went off 2 days ago that we were going to get "hammered"! Paula, the Quilter, who lives west of me, in Colorado, also sent me a warning e-mail! 8-))) Yesterday, I stopped for bread and milk, but the store was well-picked over and nearly OUT of milk!

Last night the wind picked up and by this morning, it was zero degrees outside, wind of about 35 mph, and snowing, blowing, with about 8-12 inches on the ground, with huge drifts. Uhhh, ok, I'm Swedish, I can take this. Get the fireplace going to take the morning chill off the house. (God bless the makers of Electric Blankets!)

I still have work at my office that must be done - uhhh, my car was purchased when I lived in a warm clime and it doesn't function on snow -- too low, too light. No problem, DH has 4 wheel drive, except this morning, it won't start, expressing itself with bizarre noises from under the hood!

This is the view from my front door.

OK, now we have a problem. DH insists he has to do the snow blowing. Hey, we've been senior citizens for several years, the weather is frightful, it's easy to get disoriented, drifts can hamper normal balance, and we can't get anyone to the Dr. or hospital if there could be an injury - let's rethink that snow-blowing thing.

After much nagging, he promised to NOT haul that machinery out.

OK, I have to get to my office, really only blocks from my house, so I can walk. Bundled up, wind was at my back, had my cell phone and promised to call home the minute I made the 15 minute walk, only this time it took 25 minutes - husband was getting ready to call Emergency to find me, thinking I'd gotten lost under a drift. (I didn't tell him I really DID fall down in a drift!), but managed to arrive in one cold piece. It's hard to SEE your footing during a blizzard, when you can't tell the road from the curb, or yards. The roads were terrible -- forget using sidewalks! There is no one at my office - it's ME this week! The door was drifted shut and I could barely get in, which made me question my decision making ability.

There had been no auto-rescues for my husband's vehicle at home, so when I was ready to leave to walk back home I called him to watch for me, just in case. This time, the wind is in front of me, and a person gets very cold very quickly! When I covered up my face with my scarf, the condensation from my breathing fogged my glasses so I was nearly blind. Whiteout conditions did not make things easier. I was hoping someone would pick me up, but oddly, no one offered! By the time I walked the entire 3 blocks (yes, that's all!), and trudged through the drifts in my own front yard, I was totally exhausted, and DAZED, mentally confused and had a horrible headache. I truly did not know what day it was!!! How did people ever live in this weather -- however did the native Indians manage as well as the early settlers? Remember, this is the climate with not many trees for firewood!

I'm glad to be safe and sound and even found some chicken and noodles in the freezer.

We are still a little concerned about no usable transportation/cars at all - this is a new experience! Kinda scarey!

"Hey, babe, turn on the Electric Blanket!!!"

Separate subject -- 53 Pineapple Blocks on the Floor. Guess I am staying home for a few days and going to sew. A kind Anonymous neighbor snow-blew the entire block so that issue is taken care. of. 8-))

Happy New Year 2011 Everyone - thanks for all your kindnesses, advice, visual stimulation and friendships! 8-))))))


Paula, the quilter said...

STAY HOME! Glad you are safe. Happy New Year.

Nancy said...

Glad you got home safely. Being out in a blizzard is dangerous.

The storm hit my area hard, too. Yesterday, I shoveled the walks and driveway three times. This morning, it was drifted and hard to clear, but I managed. Bitter, bitter cold temperatures with wind. I'm staying home for a few days.

Jo said...

Glad you're okay...Sew, Sew, Sew and no more walking in this weather!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Yes you should have stayed home! But us women, we think we're indestructible don't we? Glad you made it home safe. Our snow finally all melted with rain all day and 50's.

Gari in AL said...

Makes "home" a wonderful word, doesn't it? Stay in and warm: happy new year.

Pokey said...

Goodness, this day was absolutely scary to read about! You better stick to sewing, and dig a few more meals out of the cupboard. Be Safe! (I hollered out to Larry to come see the weather happening at his folks-thanks for the share)
53 pineapple blocks is sounding great!

Carol E. said...

Your little anecdote describes the weather MUCH better than listening to a weather report on TV. Glad you made it home safely. Three blocks can be a long way during a blizzard! We were spared this time except for a bit of sleet and freezing rain (which I hate in the winter time). It's nice to stay home, snug and warm.

Jocelyn said...

Oh Wow! I think home is wonderful in those type of weather conditions! We may get some cold weather, but no snow. Take care, stay warm and enjoy your day. Happy New Year!

julieQ said...

Yep, stay home and work on the Pineapple!! I am home today too...called off from work...yippee!!

Vivian said...

A Very Happy New Year Elaine!

Looks like (for once) we sent our bad weather YOUR way. Just don't think about sending it back!!

You made the right choice - once home stay inside and chill, uh, I mean stay warm - feet up, hot chocolate the whole nine yards. And speaking of yards, if a few more yards of Pineapple blocks get done, all the better.

Enjoy the coziness!!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

How did the Indians survive this climate? They stayed inside when it was that bad out, and you should have too. Whatever it is you thought you had to do at the office it would have waited for a better day. None of it is worth risking your life for. If the boss thinks these things are so important he/she should be the one there doing them.....did you see him/her anywhere around?? I'm just glad you made it back home safely, though dazed. One time I walked home, 6 blocks, from the library after work against the NW wind and a -50 windchill. That last couple of blocks was almost more than I could make myself do & I was in my 30's at the time & very well bundled up. Won't do that again & now when the weather's that bad I just stay home. No sense encouraging people to go out by having the library open in dangerous weather.

Anne Ida said...

Ugh, that definitely looks like stay-at-home-weather - brrr!

Happy new year! May it be healthy, happy and creative!

Bonnie said...

Are you out of your mind? Glad you posted AFTER you got home... but, honestly Elaine... stay home next time. And, would you post again asap so we all know you are still safe? I hope you've spent the last 4 days happily in front of your sewing machine. Gosh, I hope your electricity didn't go out! Bundle up and stay and warm and forgive me for saying keep it there please!

Purple Pam said...

Gad you arrived in both directions safe and somewhat sound! Stay home and sew up some more blocks.

sewprimitive karen said...

Wow, that description takes me back. Of course it was wonderful when I was young LOL. Stay home already! Karen